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Strubby North is based on the north side of Ex RAF Strubby.  You are welcome to fly-in.  There is no need to PPR but of course visiting is at pilot's own risk.  We are close to the sea-side resorts of Mablethorpe and Skegness so don't forget to bring your bucket and spade!  Cycles are available if you give some notice and camping may be possible.

Strubby Aviation Club has parallel asphalt/grass runways aligned 08/26.  Be aware that on pleasant days, gliders operate from the old RAF main east/west runway parallel to and to the south of Strubby Aviation Club's runways.  Gliders may be winch launched to as high as 3000 ft. 

This photograph shows the tarmac and parallel grass strip together with the Gliding Club grass runway to the south


Struby Airfield 08 Hard and 08 Grass, side by side

Because gliders operate to the south, make circuits to the north, 08LH and 26RH, and avoid overflying the villages of Strubby, Withern and Maltby le Marsh for noise abatement purposes.  In the case of a southerly wind, there is a risk of the winch wire blowing across onto the Strubby Aviation Club runways so extreme care should be taken in these conditions..

Phone Mike Wimsey 07836 596921 if you require any further details.  Otherwise, please visit us and have a great stay.